Auto accidents can cause you to face myriad issues. They can throw your neck, spine, and even your whole body out of alignment, causing you great amounts of pain. It can be a scary time, but the team at Camp Chiropractic is dedicated to getting you back to feeling like yourself.

Our trained staff is here to work with you to find the exact cause of your issues and provide you with the exercises and therapies you need to address them. If your issues are left untreated, they can become long-term problems that affect you for many years. Don’t let that happen! Even if you’ve had a minor accident, call us today for an appointment to ensure everything is aligned.

Personal Injury Treatment

If you’ve suffered a recent injury, it’s important you get the chiropractic care you need, before the problem escalates into a condition that affects you for years to come. Whether you have simple neck pain or have suffered a recent sports injury, Camp Chiropractic is here for you.

No matter your issue, we’ll perform a thorough examination with radiographs to root out the problem. Our entire staff is dedicated to getting you back to feeling like yourself as soon as possible. We’re here for you through every step of your treatment. If you have any questions regarding our therapy or your treatment options, speak with a friendly staff member.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (770) 947-7177.